Winnipeg, MB
Ph: (204) 487-7438 | Fx: (204) 487-7574


How do I make an appointment?
Call Dr. Holms’ confidential voice mail or send her an email. She will call you to arrange an appointment. An initial consultation appointment can usually be scheduled within a few weeks when Dr. Holms is accepting new clients.

What can I expect?
Sessions are 50 minutes in length. In the first visit Dr. Holms will discuss your particular needs and make recommendations for treatment.

How confidential is therapy?
All information is confidential. Exceptions occur in situations where 1) a child or elderly person is in need of protection, 2) a client poses a serious threat to themself or to another person, or 3) when information is subpoenaed by a Court of Law.

How does payment work?
Private psychological services are not covered by Manitoba Health. Payments are made by cash or cheque at the time of each appointment. Psychological services are included in many health insurance plans and are a tax deductible expense.


Dr. Holms Office

Dr. Holms’ office is located at 824 Grosvenor Avenue